Convert Moobs to Pecs with Cosmetic Surgery

As a man, do you feel uncomfortable going shirtless at the beach or pool? Do you avoid showering at the gym where others can see you because you are self-conscious about the way you look? Many people carry around a few extra pounds, but men with enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) sometimes can feel embarrassed by their

Unhappy with Your Shape? Get a Breast Lift in Utah

As a woman, you want your breasts to be full, but perky as well. As many women know, however, achieving this gets more difficult as the years go by. Dr. Steven Warnock, a top plastic surgeon in Utah, can help you attain the look you want. Dr. Warnock performs breast lifts, breast reductions and breast

Want a Flat Stomach? Get a Tummy Tuck in Salt Lake City

When you have gotten all you can out of dieting and exercise and you still can’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans, it’s time to talk to Dr. Steven Warnock about getting a tummy tuck in Salt Lake City. Dr. Warnock is known as the preferred plastic surgeon in Utah for tummy tucks, breast

Mommy Makeovers: When Dieting Doesn’t Work

It’s not fair. Children have two parents, but only one of them endures the lifelong trauma and scars left behind from childbirth. Dr. Steven Warnock, Salt Lake City’s premier plastic surgeon, is evening up the score by performing mommy makeovers for Utah mothers who are tired of looking out of shape. It’s easy when you’re

Can Plastic Surgery Make Me Happy?

For many people, plastic surgery is a godsend. For accident victims, it can allow them to regain their previous looks. For those who wish they had different features, it turns their hopes into reality. So can getting work done by a well-reviewed plastic surgeon in Utah like Dr. Steven Warnock, make you happy? Can It

Ensuring a Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

If you’re considering having breast augmentation – or if you already have your breast implant surgery scheduled with Dr. Warnock – you might be curious what your recovery experience will be. Our team always goes the extra mile to ensure you have the best possible experience and outcome from any cosmetic procedure. But, as with

Quality of Life Benefits of Breast Reduction

There are several plastic surgery procedures that are often performed to improve quality of life for patients, and a great example here is the breast reduction. For many who are uncomfortable with the proportions of their breasts, and who may be experiencing several potential issues as a result, breast reduction is often enormously beneficial. At

Revision Rhinoplasty: Appearance, Timing and Candidacy

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on revision rhinoplasty and who it might be right for. A secondary procedure following an initial rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is used to correct a variety of issues, from breathing and other practical concerns to appearance problems from the first procedure.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Basics, Breathing Trouble and Damage

While the majority of plastic surgery procedures are completed after a single session and will not require any further work, there are some cases where secondary procedures are either necessary or desired. One good example here is the revision rhinoplasty, which is generally done as a follow-up for those who either are not happy with

Types, Basics and Benefits of Liposuction Procedures

There are a variety of cosmetic surgery techniques out there, and one of the most popular and successful in recent years is liposuction. A procedure that allows for targeting particular areas of fat that will not respond to other weight loss methods, liposuction has helped numerous patients achieve the appearance they desire, with hundreds of