Common Reasons for Lip Enhancements

A smile can go a very long way in life, and for many, it’s the lips that define a beautiful, radiant smile. Unfortunately, the lips are an area where we don’t have much control over how we look from birth – this is genetic. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help

Celebrities and Defining Facial Beauty

For many people, the faces seen on film and on the television screen often become those we idolize and work toward. Certain celebrities are known for their beautiful faces, and many hope to replicate some of those same qualities on their own face. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we can help. Our cosmetic

What to Know Ahead of Eyelid Surgery

For many people who deal with signs of aging in the face, the eyes are the first area to show any changes. Things like wrinkles, lines, and folds often show up in the eyes before anywhere else, and as such, this is the first cosmetic surgery area many people look to. At the offices of

Signs it Might Be Time for a Facelift

Like with many forms of cosmetic surgery, one of the most important factors in a procedure like a facelift is the timing. Everyone ages differently, and there’s no set point out there where a given individual should consider such a procedure to limit the signs of aging in the face. At the offices of Dr.

Proper Timing For a Facelift

If you’ve decided a cosmetic surgery procedure like a facelift is right for you, the next important question becomes one of timing. Everyone ages in a different way and on their own timeline, and there’s never necessarily a clear point when an operation like a facelift “should” take place. At the offices of plastic surgeon

Plastic Surgery Vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Though the two terms are often used interchangeably in standard conversation, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are actually not the same. They’re similar in many ways, but there are also a few important distinctions. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we provide services in both these areas. Let’s look at the basics of these

Steps for Preparing for Liposuction

In recent years, liposuction has become a popular procedure among plastic surgeons to help people get back the body they’ve lost over a period of years through trimming fat from certain areas of the body. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, liposuction is performed regularly and safely with excellent results. To get the maximum

Signs Eyelid Surgery is Right for You

A procedure also called blepharoplasty in medical circles, eyelid surgery is a surgical removal of excess skin designed to help improve the appearance of the eyelids. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we offer eyelid surgery options for a variety of different treatment needs. What are some of these common needs that might make

Preparing for a Facelift Procedure

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, one of our most popular rejuvenating procedures is the facelift. This cosmetic procedure, also called a rhytidectomy, is designed to smooth wrinkles, lines and lax skin through removal of excess fat and adjustment of muscles in the face. If you’re preparing for a facelift procedure in the near

Signs Breast Reduction is a Good Choice

Most people think of breast augmentation when they consider the chest within the realm of cosmetic surgery, but for many women, breast reduction can be just as valuable. The process of reducing breast size can be beneficial to everything from health to self-esteem for some women. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we provide