Breast Augmentation: The Recovery Process

breast augmentation

Typically, a tremendous amount of time and effort goes into planning breast augmentation surgery. Whether the surgery is for cosmetic purposes, illness or injury, careful planning is necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

After considering the risks, benefits and choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon – like Dr. Warnock – that you feel comfortable with, it is also imperative that you plan for your recovery. Recovery from breast augmentation surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. Recovery may include the need to take additional time off from work or to arrange for childcare or household help. Planning for your recovery will help ensure that you return to your (new and improved!) self as quickly as possible.

Dr. Warnock offers breast augmentation procedures to help you get the look you want. At Dr. Warnock’s office, we aim to provide the best patient care, and that includes making sure you are ready for the recovery process. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have, so contact us at Dr. Warnock’s office, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Immediately following the procedure, you will be brought into a room for recovery where you will be monitored carefully. Your incision sites will have been closed and bandaged and measures will have been initiated to reduce post-operative swelling. If required, you may have drainage tubes inserted to help expedite the healing process. If you and Dr. Warnock feel that you have come out of the anesthesia and you are feeling well, you may be able to return home later that day. Sometimes it may be recommended that you stay overnight for additional care and observation.

It is important to carefully follow the aftercare instructions provided to you by your nurse or surgeon. This may include taking any medications as prescribed to reduce pain, swelling and risk of infection, bandaging and compress techniques and wound care.

Most providers will recommend that you wear a special support bra to aid in the healing process for the first couple of weeks after surgery. It is a good idea to procure your support bra before the surgery. A moderate amount of pain and swelling should be expected for a few days after surgery, and may continue but diminish steadily over the next couple of weeks. Your incisions will have begun to heal and you will be back to nearly full function after your post-operative check up with your surgeon. Over the next few months, any remaining swelling will gradually continue to decrease and any visible scars will begin to fade.

While many women are able to return to work and regular home duties within a couple of days, there may still be some soreness. This can be managed with compresses and pain management as directed by your healthcare provider. Extra care will be necessary to avoid injuring your surgical sites. Once the healing process is complete, you will be pleased with the results of your breast augmentation surgery. You will continue to see improvement, long after you have recovered physically. Please bear in mind that everyone is different, and healing times will vary. Following the directions of your surgeon and refraining from doing too much too soon will help ensure that you make a full recovery as quickly as possible