Getting a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

The aging process, having children and other factors can conspire against us as we try to keep our stomachs in shape and avoid putting on extra pounds around our mid-sections.

But even with proper exercise and diet, some people can’t achieve the flat stomach they want.

Based in Draper, Dr. Steven Warnock is among Utah’s top plastic surgeons. Performing tummy tucks for men and women is one of his specialties. To learn how you can benefit from this procedure, or to make an appointment, contact Dr. Warnock today.

Known medically as abdominoplasties, tummy tucks remove unwanted and unattractive excess skin and fat. And the procedure can rebuild weak muscles to create an abdomen that is both firmer and smoother.

Even if your body weight is normal for your size, many people develop a stomach that hangs over their belts and that are loose and saggy in appearance.

The most common culprits behind this include:

  • Getting older
  • Family history
  • Pregnancy
  • Prior surgery
  • Dramatic weight loss and gain

To be clear, a tummy tuck is not a replacement procedure for losing weight or following a proper exercise regimen.

While tummy tucks are permanent, the benefits patients gain from the procedure can be significantly reduced by weight fluctuation. So if you are planning to lose a substantial amount of weight, or if you are considering becoming pregnant, it’s likely best that you postpone having a tummy tuck.

Am I a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck may be right for you if:

  • Your overall health is good and your weight is stable.
  • You don’t have unrealistic expectations about what the procedure will do for you.
  • You do not smoke.
  • You are unhappy or self-conscious about how your stomach looks.

Remember, tummy tuck surgeries are a personal decision that only you can make. You should have this surgery for yourself, not to please your significant other or because you are trying to live up to unrealistic images in the media of how women and men should look.

Getting Ready For Surgery

Prior to tummy tuck surgery, you may have to:

  • Have lab tests done and undergo a medical evaluation.
  • Take certain medicines, or adjust the medications you are taking.
  • Quit smoking.

Also, you likely will have to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and some supplements. These can increase bleeding.


As you recover, dressings or bandages may be placed on incisions. You could wear an elastic bandage wrap or what is known as a compression garment. This helps keep swelling to a minimum and helps your abdomen heal.

Expect to have small tubes placed under the skin. This temporary technique helps drain excess blood and fluids.

Doctor Warnock has years of experience performing tummy tucks and other procedures. And with Dr. Warnock, honesty and integrity are paramount.

We won’t recommend that you have a procedure that you don’t need. Having tummy tuck surgery, or any surgery, is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.

To learn more about the procedure or to set up an appointment with Dr. Warnock, contact us today.