Laser Skin Tightening with Cutera Pearl

Cutera Pearl Skin Tightening

If you are interested in laser resurfacing or skin tightening, you have likely looked yourself over long and hard before thinking about the procedure. If there are areas that you are unhappy with and you know they will never change on their own, these facial treatments are a good option for you. Laser skin tightening with Cutera Pearl is something that can work for you.

The Cutera light and laser rejuvenation treatments are available for both men and women of all different skin tones any time of the year. If you want a smoother, tighter, more youthful appearance, the Cutera Pearl laser and light treatments could very well be for you. This state-of-the-art technology uses resurfacing of the skin for aging and acne scarred skin and in the meantime, you get an overall tighter appearance on your skin as well. You could also reduce the large size of your pores, reduce and improve fines lines and wrinkles, and eliminate red patches. You could also treat the damage the sun has done to your skin over the years and get rid of sun spots.

If you need a light treatment, this is great for you, but you could also get something more aggressive from Cutera Pearl as well. You will not have much downtime following the treatment, and you will have fewer treatments for even better results.

Cutera Pearl treatments are best used on the facial skin, especially around the mouth, but in any area on the face. The treatment is not painful, but can feel like the skin is being pinched slightly. Your treatment provider can use a numbing cream on the surface of your skin to minimize discomfort if necessary.

Following Cutera Pearl treatments, the side effects include redness that last for a few days up to a week. This is normal and will fade over time. You will also want to stay out of the sun while you heal and wear ointment to keep your skin hydrated. The top layer of your skin will peel off, and you will be left with new, healthy skin. You can get the treatment just once and enjoy the results, but depending on your damage, you may need a series of treatments. These are things that Dr. Steven Warnock and our medical team can discuss with you during your consultation.

If you are interested in a non-invasive way to improve your complexion and the overall appearance of your skin, the Cutera Pearl is a great option. You can reduce scars, improve pigmentation, reduce skin redness, tighten large pores, smooth your skin surface, even your skin tone, improve your wrinkles and fine lines, and even tighten your skin. Contact Dr. Steven Warnock today to schedule your consultation