Tips for Preparing for Mommy Makeover Surgery

mom and child

Children are a wonderful blessing in this world, but they can come with major stress on the female body. Everything from pregnancy to post-birth stress and life changes can impact the body in major ways, often outside the mother’s control.

For mothers looking for a little more comfort and confidence in their post-pregnancy body, the Mommy Makeover treatment from Dr. Steven Warnock, M.D. is a great option. This treatment involves combining multiple surgeries into one simple procedure, and can be used on several different common areas of post-pregnancy concern. There are a few elements to consider before a Mommy Makeover – here are some of these important preparation stages to observe.

Two Weeks Before Surgery

  • Stop all tobacco or nicotine products, including gum, patches and sprays. Avoid smoke and secondhand smoke.
  • Stop taking all aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil and herbal remedies – anything containing blood thinners might interact poorly with anesthetics.
  • Physical: You’ll have a pre-operative physical with your surgeon – this is not the same as a yearly physical. It’s a special exam to make sure you’re cleared for surgery and anesthesia.

Five Days Before Surgery

  • If you own cats, send them to a friend or relative – their waste and litter habits can lead to higher risk of infection. Dogs can remain in the home.
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Arrange for any personal or childcare needs. You’ll be unable to lift anything heavy or drive for several days after surgery.

Two Days Before Surgery

  • Shave your legs and the upper pubic area.
  • If you have any prescriptions, get them filled. While you’re doing so, purchase a stool softener – bowel movements may be more difficult for a day or two after Mommy Makeovers.

Day Before Surgery

  • Stop all eating or drinking before midnight.
  • Before bedtime, take an enema to loosen the bowels and reduce any constipation discomfort.

Day of Surgery

  • Do not shave again – this can risk infection.
  • Take another enema if you wish.
  • Take any morning medications with you to the surgeon’s office, and only take them if the surgeon approves.
  • Wear flexible, comfortable clothing that gives you plenty of breathing room following surgery.

With these tips, you’re ready for a comfortable, effective Mommy Makeover procedure. To learn more about this or any of our other cosmetic surgery procedures, or to schedule a consultation, speak to our friendly staff today.