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Breast Lifts
By DR. Steven warnock

When it comes to safe and lasting breast lifts, Utah locals can come to Dr. Steven Warnock’s private practice. Our board-certified plastic surgeon has the skill to improve the shape and volume of your breasts.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess skin and tighten breast tissue to boost the position of the breasts. It is a less extensive procedure than breast enhancement, so more women are opting for breast lifts to restore the shape and perkiness of their chest.

This type of surgery requires an incision at the crease of the breast or around the areola. At Dr. Warnock’s practice, we take into consideration your preference and body type before deciding on the incision placements. We also consider which placement has the least visible scarring.

Who Qualifies for a Breast Lift?

Dr. Warnock’s private practice is open to all women who wish to enhance their physical features. Our breast lift procedure is advisable for women who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts without significantly affecting the size.

Additionally, we advise women planning future pregnancies to hold off on breast lift surgery until after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Discuss Your Breast Lift Concerns with Us

Dr. Steven Warnock wants to help you become more comfortable and confident in your body. This is why we offer breast lift surgery that restores the natural shape and volume of your chest. Get in touch with our private practice today to schedule a consultation about breast lifts in Salt Lake City.

Breast Lift FAQ

In your initial consultation, it is important to discuss with your doctor your expectations for surgery. You may also want to discuss where the nipple and areola will be positioned; they will be moved higher during the procedure, and should be approximately even with the crease beneath your breast.

In most cases, your surgery will be performed in the surgical suite here in the office. If you have medical problems, Dr. Warnock may choose to do the surgery at a hospital or surgical center. This is an outpatient surgery, which means you can go home the same day your surgery is performed. If it is done in a hospital as an inpatient procedure, expect to stay one or two days.

Breast lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia, which means you will sleep through the operation.

In selected patients, particularly when smaller incisions are being made, the surgeon may use local anesthesia combined with a sedative to make you drowsy. You will be awake but relaxed, and will feel minimal discomfort.

If you are having an implant inserted along with your breast lift, it will be placed in a pocket directly under the breast tissue, or deeper, under the muscle of the chest wall.

After surgery, you will wear an elastic bandage or a surgical bra over gauze dressings. Your breasts will be bruised, swollen, and uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain should not be severe. Any discomfort you do feel can be relieved with medications prescribed by your surgeon.

Within a few days, the bandages or surgical bra will be replaced with a soft support bra. You will need to wear this bra around the clock for three to four weeks, over a layer of gauze. The stitches will be removed after a week or two.

If your breast skin is very dry following surgery, you can apply a moisturizer several times a day. Be careful not to tug at your skin in the process, and keep the moisturizer away from the suture areas.

You can expect some loss of feeling in your nipples and breast skin, caused by the swelling after surgery. This numbness usually fades as the swelling subsides over the next six weeks or so. In some patients, it may last a year or more and occasionally be permanent.

Although you may be up and about in a day or two, do not planning on returning to work for a week or more, depending on how you feel. Avoid lifting anything over your head for three to four weeks. If you have any unusual symptoms, do not hesitate to call the office.

Our staff will give you instructions for resuming your normal activities. You may be instructed to avoid intercourse for a week or more, and to avoid strenuous sports for about a month. After that, you can resume these activities slowly. If you become pregnant, the operation should not affect your ability to breast-feed, since your milk ducts and nipples will be left intact.

For more on any of our breast lift or other plastic surgery options, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Warnock MD today.