Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

These days, many individuals are interested in gaining more information regarding how they can use cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. In many cases, individuals are particularly interested in learning more about how a tummy tuck can benefit them.

At Dr. Steven Warnock’s office in Draper, UT, we offer Tummy Tuck procedures to help you tighten up your abdominal region. These procedures can help you get the body you’ve always wanted or help restore you to a body you once had. Things like aging, weight loss and pregnancy can lead to sagging skin around your abdomen. Now you can tighten it up with a tummy tuck. Contact Dr. Warnock’s office today to schedule your appointment.

Tummy Tuck: Defining the Term

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that people have done for the purpose of making their abdomens firmer and thinner. The medical term for the tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. As noted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are many individuals who maintain a normal weight yet still find that their abdomen is loose, sagging, or protruding. There are many factors that can lead to a less than ideal abdominal form, and some of them include heredity, aging, prior surgery, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Despite the fact that an individual’s abdominal can acquire a less than optimal appearance, it’s important to note that attaining a professional tummy tuck can help correct this problem. In fact, there are quite a few benefits that result from having this cosmetic procedure performed. Some of them include:

A Healthier Appearance

Whether an individual goes through the natural process of having a child or loses a large deal of weight, they will oftentimes have to grapple with the reality of extra fat and skin that collects around the stomach region. Yet by attaining a professional tummy tuck, individuals can cultivate the lean, sculpted look that we associate with a healthy appearance.

Specialized Care

Years ago, tummy tuck procedures were fairly uniform across the board, meaning that each patient received similar services. However, technological and educational advances have resulted in the doctor’s ability to provide highly customer-oriented, individually specific tummy tuck services that yield optimal results based on each client’s needs and aesthetic goals.

Tighter Muscles

Although many people think that a tummy tuck’s only benefits are removing fat and skin from the stomach region, this summation isn’t fully accurate. In fact, tummy tucks bring with them an additional benefit: they can help tighten stomach muscles that have atrophied over time. In the event that an individual has multiple pregnancies or loses a great deal of weight, the muscles of the stomach can become so distended that exercise alone will not correct the problem. In events such as these, a doctor can use surgery methods to tighten the muscles of the stomach. The end result will be a healthier, flatter stomach.

New, Elevated Mode of Living

While some people believe that tummy tucks are all about altering physical appearance, their effect is much deeper than that. In fact, individuals who attain a tummy tuck oftentimes regain lost confidence and find themselves interested in rebuilding their social life or develop a desire to seek out a romantic partner. Also, having a tummy tuck can function as motivation for an individual to begin a fitness program in order to maintain the shape of their new body.

Wrapping It All Up

As made plain by the information listed above, having a tummy tuck can provide you with a plethora of physical, mental, and lifestyle benefits. If you think you might be interested in having this surgery, be sure that you consult with a certified, accredited doctor – like Dr. Warnock. Good luck!