Benefits of Labiaplasty: Comfort and Exercise

benefits labiaplasty comfort exercise

There are a few forms of plastic and cosmetic surgery that can serve varying purposes and benefits depending on the patient’s needs, and a great example here is labiaplasty. Referring to a process of reshaping and reducing the size of the labia to create more balanced contours in this area of the body, labiaplasty is something different women consider for varying reasons – and it’s effective in each of these areas.

At the offices of Steven Warnock MD, we’re proud to offer the labiaplasty procedure to many different women across Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, meeting various needs and priorities with this approach. Across this two-part blog series, we’ll go into exactly what labiaplasty is, plus some of the varying benefits and reasons why many different women consider this procedure.

What is Labiaplasty?

For those just learning about it for the first time, labiaplasty is a procedure that involves the reshaping and reduction of the labia minora, or inner lips of the vagina. This area can often cause discomfort or self-consciousness for many women due to size differences between the inner and outer labia, leading to issues like irritation during physical activities, discomfort in certain clothing or simply feeling embarrassed about their appearance.

Labia can be too large due to a variety of factors, from genetics and hormones to aging and childbirth. Labiaplasty is designed as a permanent solution for women dealing with these self-image or physical issues – it’s fairly quick in general, with most surgeries completed within an hour or less.

There are several specific benefits many women receive from labiaplasty, which we’ll go over in our subsequent sections and on into part two of our series.

Limiting Discomfort

For many women, the single largest reason for considering labiaplasty is physical discomfort. Large or elongated labia can easily cause irritation during activities like sports, sex and others. Labiaplasty can help remove this issue permanently for many women who are dealing with it on a regular basis.

Labiaplasty also helps with sensitivity and pain during intercourse, which can be caused by overly large labia. This is a common issue that many women don’t realize can be fixed until they speak to a qualified plastic surgeon.

Exercise and Comfort

Down related lines, labiaplasty is a great option for women who lead active lifestyles. Many forms of exercise or physical activity can be uncomfortable with large labia, but this issue can be corrected through the procedure and allow women to take part in these activities without fear or discomfort.

In addition, many forms of clothing – from tight workout clothes to certain bathing suits – may also be uncomfortable due to labia size and shape. Labiaplasty helps solve this issue for many women, allowing them to feel more comfortable and confident in their clothing choices.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over several other potential benefits of labiaplasty, including self-image and aesthetic concerns. To learn more about this procedure or any of our plastic surgery services, speak to the staff at Steven Warnock MD today!