Functional Benefits of a Breast Reduction

breast reduction

While magazines and celebrities may have you believe that enormous breasts are the height of femininity, many women feel their breasts are simply too large. Huge, heavy breasts can affect may aspects of a woman’s life, including professional status, dating, sex and everyday confidence. If you’re considering a breast reduction, there are plenty of functional benefits you should be aware of before making your final decision.

Less Physical Discomfort

A big bust can lead to pain all along the spine, from the neck down to the lower back. The excess weight can make proper posture impossible, and the constricting nature of underwire bras and shapewear can add to the discomfort.

Many big-breasted women also note that physical activities, such as running or playing sports, are intensely uncomfortable, even while wearing a restrictive sports bra. A breast reduction can remove a lot of discomfort from a woman’s life and increase her ability to be active.

A Confidence Boost in Every Situation

A woman with very large breasts is often left wondering if her breasts garner more attention than she does. At work, she may wonder if her boss gave her a promotion because of her stellar projects or if he simply enjoys ogling her figure. During a night out on the town, she may grow sick of leers and cat-calls about her breasts.

A breast reduction can make a woman’s breasts less of a focus, leaving the woman free to draw attention with her dazzling smile, gorgeous hair, marked intelligence or sharp wit. A breast reduction can give a woman confidence in the bedroom and the boardroom.

Clothing Cost Savings

Some women with large breasts pay triple or quadruple what a woman with an average breast size would pay for bras, blouses, sports coats, dresses and swimwear. Some very large sizes can only be bought online at boutique prices.

Instead of spending hours searching for accommodating retailers, a woman who has her bust reduced to an average size can enjoy plenty of selection at average prices. For a professional woman who is expected to dress sharply, the savings could pay for the surgery over time.

Learn More About a Breast Reduction

If you feel your bust is too large and you are tired of high prices, unwanted sexual attention and physical pain, a breast reduction may be the solution. If you’d like a professional opinion, feel free to come in for a no-commitment consultation at the office of Dr. Steven Warnock, MD in Draper. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the goals they set for themselves, and we look forward to helping you meet yours. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.