Get Your Dream Figure with Liposuction


One of the inescapable realities of weight loss is the fact that it’s entirely impossible to spot reduce fat. Weight loss is always a uniform process, and this means that for every pound dropped, the entire body will become uniformly smaller. No amount of diet or exercise will prove capable of altering your physical proportions. This is bad news for people who’ve been working hard to get rid of love handles or any other stubborn pockets of fat across their physiques. Without surgical intervention, a person’s physical proportions will always remain the same, irrespective of the number of pounds that this individual loses.

Fortunately, it’s currently possible to safely alter your physical proportions through liposuction procedures. These procedures can instantly eliminate troublesome fat stores that have not been responsive to targeted strength-building exercises or calorie reduction. Best of all, recent innovations in techniques have radically enhanced this treatment and the results it provides.

How Liposuction Works

This procedure can be performed in different ways. However, during a typical procedure, excess fat is removed by a special tool called a cannula. During your consultation at our office, our surgeon will review your condition and your cosmetic goals to determine the best technique to use in your case.

Is Liposuction Right for You?

This is by no means an alternative to natural and healthy weight loss. Instead, this procedure is meant to streamline and refine the physique by removing small amounts of stored fat from select areas. By doing so, it becomes possible to balance out a person’s physical proportions and create a more visually appealing shape overall. Liposuction could be the right cosmetic solution for you if you’re already at a healthy and balanced body weight, but remain unhappy with specific physical features or your overall physical proportions.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Given the fact that liposuction is a surgical procedure, the first requirement for candidacy is that patients be in good general health. Chronic health issues must be controlled before this procedure can be performed. It is also important for patients to be forthright with our team concerning any medications or supplements that they’re taking.

To find out more about if liposuction is right for you, set up a time to come to the office of Steven Warnock, MD. We are located in Draper, Utah, and proudly serve the Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Warnock and find out how liposuction can improve your areas of stubborn body fat.