Important Health and Safety Areas Within Cosmetic Surgery

health safety cosmetic surgery

Whether you’re new to cosmetic surgery procedures or have undergone several in the past, safety is certainly one of your top priorities. You want to ensure any procedures you undergo are fully safe and have limited complication risks, plus that the surgeons participating are experienced and properly certified.

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we’re happy to walk you through any and all questions you have here for any of our procedures, from mommy makeovers and tummy tucks to breast, facial and other areas of cosmetic surgery. We regularly perform thorough evaluations of all our safety and sanitation processes, and our results speak for themselves with happy clients and no safety-related issues. Here are a few of the top areas we keep in mind while considering the health and safety of all our patients.

Basic Operating Room Standards

Plastic surgery is a form of surgical operation just like any other, and it the facilities where it’s carried out should meet the standards you’d find in any operating room. While there are a few organizations involved in accreditation and setting these standards, one of the most common and recognizable is the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

The AAAASF has established extremely strict standards on health and sanitation in surgical areas. They speak to areas including operating rooms, recovery rooms, outpatient facilities, staff hired and several other important areas.


Staffing is a big factor in AAAASF standards, and it’s one you should be doing independent research on as you choose a plastic surgery facility as well. Not only should staff be properly qualified and trained, with the documentation to prove this, it’s preferable to choose experienced staff who have been through your exact procedure many times before.

One other important staffing consideration comes in the anesthesia area. If you are considering a procedure that involves anesthesia, only board-certified anesthesiologists should be administering this. On top of this, registered nurses should be present to provide constant monitoring during all sedated periods.


We mentioned board certification above, and it’s vital for selecting your surgeon as well. Dr. Warnock is fully board certified, meaning he has received approval from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) to carry out the various procedures we offer.

The standards of the ABPS are extremely high, and cannot be attained by just anyone. They include everything from training on anesthesia and sedation to a huge number of hours spent learning and practicing procedures in a test setting so that patients only receive the safest possible services. If you desire, we are happy to explain to you the specific areas of training Dr. Warnock has received.

For more on important health and safety areas we keep at the top of our list when performing any of our cosmetic surgery procedures, or to learn about any of our other services, speak to the staff at the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock today.