Losing Fat Versus Losing Weight

losing fat losing weight

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock MD, we’re proud to provide multiple body sculpting procedures. With everything from a tummy tuck to liposuction and much more, we’re here to help for whatever your needs and desires are.

One thing we’ve noticed over many years serving our clients is how often folks confuse two simple processes that might be associated with our treatments: Fat loss and weight loss. Many people simply assume these terms mean the same thing – they do not, and which you desire might make a large difference in what kind of treatment you receive from our plastic surgeon.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Weight loss, as the term would suggest, is about lowering the total amount that the body weighs. However, many don’t realize that the weight of the body is determined by far more than the amount of fat the body carries – it also includes muscle mass, bones, organs and several other areas.

For this reason, “fat loss” is a much more specific term that’s just one part of weight loss in many cases. Each person is born with a finite number of fat cells, and these either expand or contract based on factors like diet, exercise and genetics. A person with a weight problem is definitely someone who also has a fat problem, but a person with a fat problem might not actually have a weight problem.


As a basic example of the above, consider an athlete with a big event coming up. This athlete might be carrying small pockets of stubborn fat – they aren’t actually overweight, but these pockets are blocking the development of further muscle in that area that might help their performance. This athlete doesn’t need to lose weight; they simply need to shed some fat. In fact, turning that fat into more productive muscle might even add weight in many cases.

Everyday Life

Despite diet and healthy exercise, some people might still be unable to get rid of love handles or a bothersome muffin top. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to lose weight – you might just have to decrease fat. This is where some of our treatments might come into play, and our specialists can explain what might be right for you here.

To learn more about the differences between fat and overall weight, or to find out about any of our body sculpting procedures, speak to the experts at the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock MD today.