Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia

In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of men experience some form of gynecomastia – the appearance of enlarged breasts – during their lifetime. Breast reduction is the most effective way to treat gynecomastia. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure where excessive fat and glandular tissue is removed. The end goal is to give the patient’s chest a firm and masculine looking contour.

There are many reasons why men deal with gynecomastia. For some, this condition is the result of genetic deformities. In others, it is a side effect of taking certain prescription medicines. There is no age limit on when a man may experience gynecomastia. Breast reduction surgeries can be performed in a safe and successful manner on both teenage boys and adult men.

The Benefits of Having Male Breast Reduction

Some men who have enlarged male breasts believe that if they simply lose weight their breast size will reduce. While it is true that losing weight may have some effect, in most cases, there are glandular tissues that have built up, leading to the appearance of the enlarged breast. As a result, even some very lean patients notice enlarged breast.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Surgical breast reduction has been shown to be an effective way to treat gynecomastia that has long lasting and, in many cases, permanent results. For many patients, the procedure means that for the first time in years they can walk around without a shirt and feel confident.

Men who find themselves uncomfortable about the appearance of their chest as a result of gynecomastia and men who find themselves avoiding physical activities because they are embarrassed to bear their chest are the ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery. The effects produced by the surgery are dramatic, almost immediate, and leave behind little scarring.

Using Liposuction to Treat Gynecomastia

It is also common for cosmetic surgeons – like Dr. Steven Warnock – to treat patients with gynecomastia by using liposuction. This is thanks to many advancements in liposuction technology.

When liposuction is used to treat gynecomastia, the cosmetic surgeon will typically use local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The process requires the cosmetic surgeon to make small incisions on either side of the chest. Depending on the techniques used by the surgeon, the incisions can be made in an area by the armpit or on the edge of the areola. Through these incisions, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat and granular tissue while at the same time providing your chest with a contour that looks natural for the male physique.

Male Breast Reduction with Tissue Excision

In some patients, tissue excision may be required. This procedure allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove larger amounts of glandular tissue and skin that could not have been removed by liposuction. The location of the incisions used as well as their length will fluctuate depending on the extent of the surgery that is needed.

Life after the Procedure

Male breast reduction is designed to provide permanent results. However, patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid significant weight gain, avoid steroid use, and avoid drugs that could affect their testosterone levels as all of these things could have a negative effect and lead to a recurrence of gynecomastia. Contact Dr. Steven Warnock today to schedule your consultation. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.