Non-Surgical Skin Tightening with the Cutera Pearl

Cutera Pearl

If you have wrinkles and sags, a blotchy skin tone or an uneven texture on your face, neck, or chest, you have likely already looked into laser resurfacing. This treatment has been the standard for these types of facial issues for many years.

The Advent of the Cutera Pearl for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

After laser designers and cosmetic surgeons started seeing the downfalls of both CO2 lasers and Fraxel lasers, they started experimenting with Pearl lasers. Pearl lasers like the Cutera Pearl treat the entire surface of your skin, and they offer short recovery periods. It’s the best of both worlds.

How Does the Cutera Pearl Procedure Tighten Skin?

First, the Cutera Pearl procedure uses pulsating light beams to treat the skin and make it smoother and tighter. This part of the procedure works with your topmost layer of skin. In actuality, the procedure is removing a small part of your epidermal layer. This might sound scary, but it’s not. The portion that is removed is so thin and small that you’ll only notice the benefits. The procedure is essentially sloughing off dead and old skin and making way for new skin growth that will be tighter and smoother.

Often, this top layer of your skin has been damaged repeatedly by sun and other harmful elements. You need new skin to replace it. A few weeks after treatment, you’ll start to see new collagen growth. Collagen is essential for young-looking skin, but we slow production of this component as we age. The Cutera Pearl procedure instigates new collagen growth when it removes the top epidermal layer.

How Long Are Recovery Times?

The great thing about this skincare treatment is that you don’t have to spend weeks recovering. As soon as you leave our office, you can go back to your normal daily life. It is possible that a little pinkness or redness may ensue, but this should clear up in just a few days, and it is completely normal. Keep in mind that you may need multiple treatments to get your desired results. With that being said, some people are happy after one treatment.

When Will the Skin Tightening Results Be Noticeable?

You’ll be able to start seeing your true results from the treatment after the pinkness and redness has cleared up – so on day 3 or 4. Then, you can check out your new, healthy skin! If you are interested in the Cutera Pearl procedure for skin tightening, contact Dr. Steven Warnock’s office today. Our team will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your individual needs.