How Often Will I Need Breast Implant Revision?

breast implant revision

Breast augmentation that includes the placement of implants is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries in the country. Whether you’ve already had implants inserted or you’re considering having it done, you may be wondering just how long they last. Swapping out implants, also called a breast implant¬†revision, is done for many reasons.

The Implants Are Too Small

Even if you wear sizers in your bra before surgery, you may choose implants that ultimately prove to be too small for you. This is especially a problem if you got your implants right out of high school and your young adult figure was far slimmer than your mature frame. Swapping small implants for larger ones is very common and, depending on your individual case, is an uncomplicated procedure.

The Implants Are Too Large

Huge breasts were all the rage in the 1990s, but fashion has changed to include subtle enhancements. It’s also possible that too-large implants can cause back and shoulder pain, especially as a woman grows older. If you no longer want large implants, they can be switched out for smaller implants or removed altogether.

You Want to Change Implant Types

Silicone and saline both have their advantages and disadvantages. Silicone is firmer and more like natural breast tissue, and they come pre-filled to specific sizes.

Saline is softer to the touch and is best used for women with plenty of natural tissue to cover them. If you believe you’ve chosen the wrong implant type, you can make the switch any time, provided you’ve fully healed from your previous procedure.

Your Implants Are Old

Implants generally last around ten years, but some women have successfully kept the same set for 25 years or more. If you’re experiencing a leak, need to change sizes or are no longer happy with the placement of your implants, they can be swapped as long as you’re healed up from your previous surgery.

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The question of how often you’ll need a breast implant revision is a deeply personal one. While a minority of women may want a revision almost immediately following implant insertion, others remain satisfied with their results for decades.

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