Prominent Facelift Techniques


At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock MD, we’re happy to provide facelift and related services like eyelid and nose surgery for those who desire them. As part of our cosmetic surgery program, these services have helped numerous clients feel rejuvenated and more confident in their facial features.

Patients generally have a couple specific options when it comes to facelifts. Here are two of the most common techniques that are used, plus how to tell which is right for you.

Deep Plane Facelift

The deep plan facelift involves elevating some small bits of skin over underlying facial muscles, then dissecting the underlying facial muscle. Once this muscle is free from surrounding structures, it’s re-attached higher toward the top of the ear.

What this accomplishes is tightening the deeper structures of the face – with no pulling or tightening of the skin. Excess skin is then re-draped and trimmed before the incision is closed.

Deep plane facelifts are known as some of the most beneficial out there, with natural results and a fast healing time. It helps patients look presentable within as little as 10 days, helping provide definition for the neck and jawline alike. The best candidates here are people who want a conservative rejuvenation but don’t have major amounts of excess facial skin – patients from ages 30 to 60 may all qualify.

Vertical Facelift

The vertical facelift, on the other hand, involves far more skin elevation than the deep plan facelift. Extra elevation allows the tissue around the corner of the mouth to be lifted more powerfully, which allows more skin to be re-draped than the deep plane procedure would allow.

Vertical facelifts are generally associated with larger changes to jowls, marionette lines and excess skin. On the flip side, they generally come with longer and more variable healing periods. This is a common technique for people who have recently undergone major weight loss and have excess skin, or for older people with sun damage or age damage to the skin or face.

For more on facelift techniques, or to learn about our tummy tuck, breast augmentation and other plastic surgeon services, speak to the staff at the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock MD today.