Steps for Preparing for Liposuction


In recent years, liposuction has become a popular procedure among plastic surgeons to help people get back the body they’ve lost over a period of years through trimming fat from certain areas of the body. At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, liposuction is performed regularly and safely with excellent results.

To get the maximum benefits from a procedure like liposuction, there are a few basic preparation steps that should generally be followed. Your surgeon will go over any specifics with you, but as a primer, here are a few steps that are commonly recommended.

General Health

It’s best to undergo liposuction during a period of general health in your life, and you’ll have to sign a consent form. Some people think they need to go on a crash diet beforehand, or need to work extra long hours in preparation for time spent away from work. In reality, these kinds of practices can make you weaker and less healthy, and this can lengthen your recovery process and limit the effectiveness of the treatments.


Down similar lines, your surgeon will absolutely recommend that you quit smoking before a liposuction procedure, often at least two months in advance. Smoking can directly interfere with the safety and efficacy of the procedure, and of course does not contribute in any positive way to good health.


There may be certain medications you’ll be told not to take, particularly aspirin or other medication that might slow down the blood clotting process. Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, the blood’s ability to clot is vital for safety. Vitamin E supplements may also affect blood clotting, so ask your surgeon about your approach if you take these.

Pre-Appointment Considerations

There are a few other pre-op items you should have on your checklist:

  • Shaving: Take care not to shave any area around the upcoming liposuction site for at least 24 hours beforehand. This may lead to ingrown hairs and future surgeries.
  • Eating: Don’t eat the night before the procedure – your surgeon will tell you for how long.
  • Tote bag: Prepare a tote bag with your toiletries and clothing in advance – on the day of the procedure, you might be stressed and won’t want to worry about items like these. Pack loose, comfortable clothes for after the procedure.

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