When to Consider a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a catch-all phrase used by the medical community to discuss a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures. Breast lifts, implants, reductions and reconstructions after an accident or cancer surgery are some of the most common augmentations. If you’re considering a breast augmentation, being informed of all the options is imperative to making am astute decision.

Breast Lift Augmentation

A breast lift procedure is great for those who are dissatisfied with the shape and placement of their breasts on the chest wall, as a lift will address both issues. During a breast lift, the surgeon makes incisions depending on the patient’s preferences. Excess skin and tissue are removed before closing the incisions. The breasts will be repositioned to be higher and more firm.

Breast Implant Augmentation

Implants can be placed if the patient only wants to increase the size of their bust. Implants can be silicone or saline. They also do not need to be the same size, allowing women who have a marked difference in breast size achieve a more balanced look. Women interested in implants need to consider a list of factors before making their final decision, so it’s best to reach out to a surgeon early to get a professional opinion.

Breast Reduction Augmentation

Large breasts are not always seen as a positive for those who have them. Discomfort during exercise or sex, unwanted attention and sore muscles in the back, neck and shoulders are all common complaints among women seeking a reduction. There are several different surgical approaches to reduction, with the chosen method being based on the patient’s physiology and the surgeon’s recommendations and expertise.

Reconstructive Augmentation

If you’ve suffered an accident or had surgery to your breasts, you may feel self-conscious of the scars. Cancer patients who have had a lumpectomy or mastectomies may also be dissatisfied with the aesthetics left behind. If you are not happy with your scars or the size or shape of your breasts due to trauma or medical treatment, it may be time to consider an augmentation.

Breast augmentation encompasses many different types of procedures. If you’d like to speak to a surgeon about your augmentation options, contact the office of Dr. Steven Warnock, MD today to schedule a consultation to explore the possibilities.