Smooth Wrinkles and Visible Signs of Aging with a Facelift


Facial wrinkling and folding of the skin cannot always be treated with a simple filler treatment or abrasive resurfacing. Sagging skin on the cheeks and around the jaw line is the result of poor structural support and thinning of the skin itself. A facelift is a minimally invasive surgical solution that results in a lifting and stretching of the skin. This is accomplished by making one or more incisions, removing excess fat buildup, and trimming the skin so that it can be stitched back together.

When performed by an experienced surgeon, a facelift can take years off your appearance. We offer this type of surgical technique to correct unsightly skin sagging for our mature adult clients who experience the effects of aging in the facial area.

A simple, single-level facelift corrects sagging on the lower one-third of the face. It can help reduce the appearance of large folds near the jaw as well as smaller, fine-line wrinkles at the corners of the mouth. In most cases, a single incision is made near the hairline.

What to Expect During Surgery

In most cases, a facelift is an outpatient procedure. Patients should ask regarding whether a local anesthetic will be required to keep the patient comfortable. In rare cases, full sedation may be given.

A simple facelift may take an hour or more to complete. One variation of the simple, single-layer facelift is an endoscopic lift procedure. This is performed by inserting a scope beneath the skin, mapping out the tissue layers and their density, and removing select portions of the subdermal tissue.  Call our office to see if we offer this type of facelift. 

After the surgery is complete, the stitched areas are covered with bandages.

Benefits of Facelift Treatment

Because the skin is being repositioned, this is a treatment with long-lasting positive results. Unlike a skin resurfacing procedure, the repositioning of the skin means a smoother surface that lasts. Therefore, a secondary facelift procedure may not be necessary for many years.

Are You a Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

If you are concerned about sagging skin on the face, consider this near-permanent solution. A facelift, although a surgical procedure, is a relatively simple treatment that can restore a youthful appearance to your cheeks and jaws. Contact the office of Dr. Steven Warnock, MD today to schedule your own personal consultation.