What is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision

Breast implant revision surgery involves a range of procedures that can be performed to correct problems with a previous implant surgery. There are many reasons why a woman may come to our plastic surgeon in order to make improvements after receiving breast implants. One never knows what the results will be like until the procedure is done. In some cases, women simply aren’t happy with their implants. In other cases, complications may occur. Consider some of the following situations when women have a breast implant revision.

The Breast Implant Has Burst

Whether a woman has a saline implant or a silicone implant, there is always a chance that leakage can occur. It can get to the point that one implant looks deflated when compared to the other, creating breasts that are not in proportion with one another. If a breast implant leaks, our plastic surgeon can go in to remove that implant and insert another one.

The Breast Implants Are Not the Preferred Size

After the initial surgery is said and done, a woman must go through a recovery period before she can finally get the full picture of what her implants will look like. In some cases, women may not be happy with the final results. They may feel like their breasts are still too small or they may consider their implants to be bigger than they expected.

Breast implant revision surgery can help them to get the size that they would prefer. Some women will decide to have their breast implants removed completely because they find that they were happier with how they looked before breast implant surgery.

There Has Been a Shift in the Position of Breast Implants

Over time, breast implants may shift in position. For some women, there is a problem when the breasts begin to droop, hanging down too low. In other situations, breast implants may shift until they come together in the middle of the chest. Capsular contracture is another common problem, in which a thick band of scar tissue forms around the breasts, making them look like they have separated. The end result is a wide gap between the breasts that looks completely unnatural. Breast implant revision can address any of these issues, restoring a natural appearance to the breasts.

Find Out More Information

If you have had breast implant surgery and you are not happy with your results, breast implant revision could be the solution. Make an appointment to have a consultation at the office of Dr. Steven Warnock, MD in Draper, Utah to discuss your concerns.

Your breasts are a highly personal matter, and you should be satisfied with any type of surgery that you have had in order to enhance your bust. Our plastic surgeon can evaluate your breasts and discuss your options when it comes to breast revision surgery. When you work together as a team, expressing what you need, our plastic surgeon can help you to get your desired results. We happily serve the Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.