Choosing Liposuction Type: PAL and LAL Options

liposuction type PAL LAL

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the elements that are relatively consistent between different types of liposuction and some related elements for those choosing their ideal procedure type. There are a few different types of liposuction available depending on the needs of the patient, and knowing your options is important before moving forward. 

At the offices of Steven Warnock MD, we’re happy to provide a range of liposuction options for any patients around Salt Lake City or other parts of Utah, including expertise and information on which specific procedure will be best for you. While part one of our series went over those constant elements and touched on SAL (suction-assisted liposuction), today’s part two will go over the other common liposuction types, plus how to choose the ideal one for you.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

Abbreviated PAL, power-assisted liposuction is another common type of the procedure for those with more stubborn fat deposits to address. This kind of liposuction uses a special cannula that is connected to an external device providing pulses which help break apart fatty tissue and make it easier to be suctioned away.

With this system, some of the more forceful movements that may be required by the surgeon in the SAL procedure are not required. Instead, PAL relies on the rapid pulses to break apart fatty tissue, allowing for a more comfortable experience without needing as much force.

For many patients, this helps reduce the overall time of the procedure and the recovery time afterward, making it a more ideal choice for those who want to get their procedure done quickly and move on with their lives.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction

The most recent advance in liposuction technology is the introduction of laser-assisted liposuction, or LAL. This is a newer procedure that utilizes a special cannula filled with laser energy to help break apart fat cells and make them easier to remove. The process works similarly to PAL, in that it does not require as much force from the surgeon as SAL does, but instead uses the laser energy to help break apart the fat cells prior to being suctioned away.

The results of this procedure are comparable to those from SAL and PAL, but LAL also has some additional benefits such as tightening of the skin due to the heat generated by the laser. This helps with contouring and reduces sagging over time, making the results of the procedure even more effective.

Choosing Which Procedure is Right for You

When deciding which liposuction procedure is right for you, it’s important to consider your goals and budget. Each type of liposuction offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so understanding what you’re looking for in terms of results and recovery times is essential for making the right decision.

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock MD, our experts are happy to provide a range of options for liposuction in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ll go over your cosmetic goals and lifestyle needs before recommending the best procedure for you. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about liposuction and what it can do for you!