When to Consider Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is often referred to as an eye lift or by its medical term, blepharoplasty. It is most commonly done for cosmetic reasons. However, there can be medical reasons for the procedure as well, such as when the eyelids are interfering with vision. Eyelid surgery typically involves the removal of excess fat, skin and muscle and the readjustment of the eyelids in order to achieve a younger-looking, refreshed appearance.

Skin loses elasticity as it ages. This prevents the skin from overcoming the forces of gravity as effectively as it did in the younger years. This can lead to droopy eyelids, and it affects both the upper and lower eyelids. It causes wrinkles to appear in the lower eyelids and causes the upper eyelids to sag. This sagging can reach the point that it restricts vision due to the eyelid sagging over the eyeball.

Another effect of aging has to do with the layer of fat that serves as padding between the eyeball and the skull. There is a thin membrane that holds the fat in place. This membrane becomes weaker with age and allows the fat to come forward and into the eyelids.

When done for cosmetic reasons, eyelid surgery can often be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, laser skin tightening or filler injections. If it takes place because the eyelids are interfering with vision, then patients may not want to opt for other procedures that are for cosmetic purposes only.

Most candidates for eyelid surgery are 35 or more years of age. However, if a condition such as droopy eyelids shows up earlier, as may be the case if the problem is due to heredity, then younger people may also be candidates for the surgery.

The results of eyelid surgery on the upper eyelids typically last between five and seven years. When the surgery is done on the lower eyelids, it rarely needs to be done again.

Individuals who are in good health and have sensible expectations make the best candidates for eyelid surgery when it is done for cosmetic reasons. Those who are contemplating the procedure should discuss the outcome with our team of medical professionals. Together, we can decide if the eyelid surgery alone is sufficient for the desired results, or if it should be a part of an overall plan that includes other procedures.

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