Deciding to Get a Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation

Nearly 100 percent of women in a recent survey reported they were happy with the results of their breast augmentation surgeries.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 98 percent of women who had breast augmentation surgeries reported that their outcomes met or surpassed their expectations prior to the procedure.

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The recent study found that not only were women overwhelmingly happy with their breast augmentations, they also reported increases in quality of life and self-esteem after the procedures were performed.

The survey included 225 women who were interviewed at least 30 days after they had breast augmentation, and the survey covered a five-year period. Participants answered questions regarding their recovery, overall results, complications and emotional and psychological effects.

Officials said the average patient was age 34 and most of the women had saline-filled implants inserted.

Using a 10-point scale, the women rated their average pain during their recoveries at just under 6. Most took prescription pain meds for five days and returned to work after about a week. Patients indicated they were feeling back to normal less than a month after their surgeries.

Of the women surveyed, 85 percent described their new breast sizes as just right. About 13 percent said they would have liked larger-sized breasts. Just under two percent reported they would have preferred a smaller breast size.

A mere one percent said they were unhappy with their surgical scars. Three out of four women surveyed reported their breast firmness was just right after their surgeries.

When rating their results, more than 50 percent gave their procedures a 10 on the 1 to 10 scale. And nearly all of the women, 98 percent, said their surgeries met, or exceeded, their expectations going in.

About 40 percent of women said they had temporary numbness of the nipple post-surgery. Just two percent of women reported lasting numbness. About 92 percent of women said their self-esteem improved after surgery. And 64 percent said they had achieved a better quality of life.

Before having their surgeries, 86 percent of women said they felt self-conscious about breast size. Just 13 percent felt that way after surgery.

Breast augmentation is the nation’s most popular cosmetic surgery. An estimated 286,000 such operations were reported in 2012.

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