Mommy Makeover Basics: Procedures, Timing, Costs

mommy makeover basics timing

For anyone considering a plastic surgery procedure of any kind, having proper information and knowing what to expect ahead of time is naturally very important. A great example here is the mommy makeover, which many people are at least somewhat aware of – but which might have some details you didn’t know about, and that are important to be cognizant of as you prepare. 

At the offices of Steven Warnock MD, we offer the very best mommy makeover services in Utah, and ensuring our patients have proper information ahead of time is very important to us. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over everything you need to know about mommy makeover procedures, including how to prepare and what to expect.

Not One Procedure

One of the first and most important things to realize about the mommy makeover is that this is actually a broad term – it’s not just one single surgery, but instead a combination of several procedures. As such, the details of your mommy makeover may vary depending on what you and your doctor decide is best for you – based both on desired results and medical considerations.

Some of the most common procedures included in the average mommy makeover are tummy tucks and breast surgery – either augmentation, reduction or a lift. There are other options that might be included as well, such as liposuction or buttock lifts. Your doctor will discuss all the parameters and possibilities with you in detail and help you decide on what combination of procedures makes the most sense for your individual case.

Ideal Timing

While some women are understandably looking to get going with this procedure as soon as they can following pregnancy, it’s typically not recommended to perform this procedure until the body has had time to heal. While there isn’t necessarily a set period of time that has to pass before the procedure can occur, it’s typically recommended to wait until the skin has healed, and until the mother has returned to somewhere close to her pre-pregnancy weight – a weight she can maintain for some time.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious – the results of your mommy makeover will look and last better if you’ve had time to heal and settle into a new healthy weight. The ideal timing can vary depending on the individual case, and speaking to your doctor here is very important.


As we noted above, the actual procedures carried out in a mommy makeover will vary – and this means costs will, as well. This is one area where speaking directly with a surgeon is important, as they can give you an accurate estimate that takes all variables into account.

In part two of our series, we’ll discuss recovery times, scarring and other important details of mommy makeovers. For more here, or to learn about our mommy makeovers or any of our other cosmetic surgery procedures, speak to our caring team at the offices of Steven Warnock MD today.