The Right Time for Gynecomastia Treatment


Many men and younger boys deal with gynecomastia, a medical condition in which the breast tissue grows underneath the skin. Many people feel that gynecomastia is caused by being obese, but it is actually the breast tissue itself that is growing rather than fat accumulation underneath the skin. Because of this, having gynecomastia treated means more than just losing weight. In fact, teens and men of average weight could easily develop gynecomastia themselves and require some type of treatment for it.

Dr. Steven Warnock can help treat gynecomastia through cosmetic surgery to help you get the look you want. Gynecomastia can have adverse psychological effects, causing low self-esteem and body consciousness. To find out how Dr. Warnock can help you, contact our Draper, UT office today to schedule your appointment.

The causes of gynecomastia vary, but it is most often caused by a hormonal imbalance that the male is dealing with at that current moment. The hormone imbalance might cause more estrogen – which is the female hormone – to course through the body, causing an enlargement of the breasts. Young boys, teens and adult men can all deal with gynecomastia despite their current weight or activity level. It really does have a lot to do with hormonal imbalances within the body that will either need to be corrected with medications or surgery.

The problem that most men face when it comes to having gynecomastia is shame and embarrassment. Most men know that their chests are often supposed to be flat, and developing female breasts on their male bodies can be embarrassing. This is especially true for men who like to go swimming or do other activities where they take their shirt off. The key to knowing when the right time for gynecomastia treatment is really up to the individual who is dealing with the matter. Seeing a doctor who specializes in treating gynecomastia – like Dr. Warnock – is one of the best ways to ensure that it gets corrected in a professional and effective manner.

If the issue is caused by a hormonal imbalance, doctors will often take blood tests from the man with the gynecomastia to see exactly what the levels of the hormones are. From there, they can prescribe hormone therapy for the person to try to correct the levels of hormones. This is often done for women who are also going through menopause and are dealing with hormonal imbalances because of the changes going on in their own bodies. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe this type of therapy and diagnose a man with gynecomastia if this is something that he would like to be treated.

Another option for many teens and men is to go for surgery that reduces the overall size and appearance of the man’s breasts. During the surgery, the breast tissue is reduced and removed so that it lessens the fullness of the chest and makes it look more like a normal man’s chest. This is obviously something that you can and should discuss with your doctor if you are a man dealing with gynecomastia and would like to have it treated as soon as possible to have a more normal appearance.