Tummy Tucks as Viable Long-Term Weight Loss Tools

tummy tucks long-term weight loss

Whether due to the name or some misconception that formed over time, many people hear the term “tummy tuck” and think of it as only a temporary procedure. Those who have not familiarized themselves with this process may believe the tummy tuck is only intended to temporarily kick off weight loss, not help patients follow through with it.

And while it’s true that patients definitely play a role in maintaining their tummy tuck results, the reality is that this procedure is not a short-term thing at all. At the offices of Steven Warnock MD, we provide high-quality tummy tuck (also called abdominoplasty) services that are meant to create long-lasting results and improved self-esteem. In fact, the Journal of American Society of Plastic Surgeons has long maintained the long-term weight loss benefits of tummy tucks, including in seminal 2013 research that was broadly published. Let’s look at this research and why you should approach a tummy tuck with long-term results in mind.

Basic Research

The study in question was performed on 20 women, each of whom had undergone abdominoplasty one year prior to the study beginning. Researchers looked at both short-term and long-term weight loss results in these women, and their results were clear: Most of the women sustained their weight loss in ways greater than the simple tissue that was removed.

To translate, this means that not only are women losing the amount of fat removed during the tummy tuck process, they’re taking things further. They’ve kept the weight off and even shed further pounds in many cases, direct evidence that this procedure kicks off long-term habits and results that will last.

Why Results Exceed Other Weight-Loss Strategies

While this section of the study was only based on researcher suggestions and opinions, one strong possible reason for this success compared with other diets or weight-loss strategies could come back to the way patients feel after eating. Tummy tucks help many patients feel fuller after a given meal than they previously would have, meaning they have less desire to snack and take on other bad habits.

In addition, some have suggested that hormones could play a role here as well. Eliminating abdominal fat cells may reduce certain hormones that impact hunger and appetite, though more research is still needed on this subject to know for sure. But the study results were clear, even if they didn’t pinpoint the reason: Roughly three-quarters of patients in the study felt fuller, both after consuming a meal and throughout a given day.

Wider Range of Patients

In contrast to other treatments like gastric bypass surgery and other more intensive procedures, tummy tucks are options for a wider range of patients. They help people feel better about their general appearance and weight, and often lead to a more active lifestyle when people see direct results in their body.

For more on how the tummy tuck leads to lasting weight-loss results, or for information on any of our body sculpting or plastic surgery services, speak to the staff at the offices of Steven Warnock MD today.