What to Know Ahead of Eyelid Surgery

Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension

For many people who deal with signs of aging in the face, the eyes are the first area to show any changes. Things like wrinkles, lines, and folds often show up in the eyes before anywhere else, and as such, this is the first cosmetic surgery area many people look to.

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we offer eyelid surgery procedures for all our qualified clients. Some folks are naturally anxious about these kinds of procedures – while there are a few things to keep in mind, there’s no reason to worry. Here are a few basics to know ahead of your eyelid surgery procedure.

No Major Appearance Changes

One of the primary concerns for some people is that eyelid surgery will negatively impact the appearance of the face – this is not the case. Eyelid surgery does not transform the way your eyes look or make you look like someone else.

Rather, eyelid surgery is meant to refresh your appearance and help you look younger. It brings a younger, rejuvenated look to your face – most of your friends won’t even realize that you had surgery but may comment that you seem reinvigorated.

May Feel “Off” For a Bit

Now, know that it’s normal for your eyes to feel a bit abnormal for a while. Swelling, redness, dryness and light sensitivity may take place, but there’s no need to panic. Treat these areas with methods like eye drops, cold compresses, sunglasses and pain medications. Your eyes will adjust after just a few days.

Major Surgery

While eyelid surgery can be done with virtually no risks and a high success rate, it’s important to remember that it’s still a major surgery. You still need to schedule at least five days for home recovery, often closer to 10 in many cases. Our staff can help you with any other questions regarding the commitment you’re making here.

Avoiding Eye Contact

In the first couple weeks or more after your surgery, it’s best to avoid all contact between your eyes and outside objects. Don’t wear makeup or contacts, as these could cause an infection. If you have an urge to rub your eyes, resist it and simply let them heal – this will limit swelling more quickly.

For more on eyelid surgery, or to find out about our tummy tuck, mommy makeover or breast implants services, speak to the pros at the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock today.