Collagen Injections to Fill in Wrinkles and Restore Volume

Collagen Injections

Collagen is a natural protein that is a major component of the skin. Collagen forms a mesh-like network that contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Over time, the skin gradually reduces the amount of collagen it produces, leading to thinning of the skin. The reduction in collagen production also causes the skin to become less elastic, and it starts to sag and form wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, most people gradually lose the fatty tissues from underneath the facial skin, causing the skin to sag even more. Collagen injections can restore volume to the face, plumping and firming the skin, for a more youthful appearance.

Collagen Injections

Although there are many different types of injectable fillers on the market today, collagen is the most natural one. The source of collagen is cultured human skin – a tiny piece of the patient’s skin is harvested and sent to a laboratory to be cultured into a large amount of skin, from which the collagen is then extracted.

What to Expect during Collagen Injections

At the time of injection, the area will be carefully cleaned and then numbed with a local anesthetic. The doctor will perform a series of collagen injections into the area using a tiny needle. There may be some minor discomfort, swelling, and redness during the next 48 hours. Ice packs can be used to relieve the discomfort. It is important to not rub or massage the treated area.

How Often Can I Receive Collagen Injections?

Collagen injections usually need to be repeated two to four times per year to maintain the plumping effect. The duration of each treatment depends on the location of injection and also on individual patients’ metabolisms.

Side Effects of Collagen Injections

There is a possibility of side effects from collagen injections. However, they are minor and should fade within a few days. The most common side effects are tenderness, swelling and puffiness at the injection site. Again, these are normal and will fade over the days following treatment.

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