Signs Breast Reduction is a Good Choice


Most people think of breast augmentation when they consider the chest within the realm of cosmetic surgery, but for many women, breast reduction can be just as valuable. The process of reducing breast size can be beneficial to everything from health to self-esteem for some women.

At the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock, we provide services for both breast augmentation and reduction, plus breast implants. What are some signs you might be right for breast reduction treatment? Here are a few.

Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

It’s common for women with large breasts to suffer from ongoing pain in these areas, and in many cases, it’s tough to recognize that these symptoms are a result of breast size. This can cause the shoulders to slump into poor posture to compensate for the body’s developing inability to carry them easily. In turn, the spine and neck can be strained, and chronic pain can develop. If you’ve tried several solutions for back and neck pain without success, breast reduction could be right for you.

Interference With Normal Activities

If you notice your breasts beginning to interfere with basic elements of your active lifestyle, this could be another big sign. For many women, large breasts can cause reluctance to participate in sports or other forms of exercise, and this in turn can lead to weight and health concerns. With breast reduction surgery, some of these women find they can comfortably engage in exercises they stopped enjoying a long time ago.

Emotional Distress

Physical discomfort is the more well-known issue, but large breasts can also cause emotional distress as well. This could be due to appearance – many women feel self-conscious about a voluptuous figure, especially while wearing certain clothing or going out in public. Many women simply feel like they’re being looked at too often due to their breast size. A reduction can help with self-esteem and these other potential emotional issues.

For more information on breast reduction or augmentation, or on any of our cosmetic surgery services, speak to the experts at the offices of Dr. Steven Warnock today.