SLC Mommy Makeover Myths: Recovery, Scarring, Complexity

mommy makeover myths recovery

Having the proper information about any cosmetic surgery procedure you might be considering is absolutely vital before making any final decision, but there are certain threats to this out there in the form of common myths. These misconceptions exist in several different areas of the cosmetic surgery world, and the mommy makeover procedure sadly is no exception. 

At the offices of Steven Warnock MD, however, properly informing our Salt Lake City clients ahead of any scheduled procedure is a vital part of our practice. From our mommy makeover services to several other procedures like breast surgery, body sculpting and rhinoplasty, we take great care to ensure that our patients have the correct info before they move forward. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some of the most egregious myths out there about the mommy makeover procedure, plus correct them with proper information so any prospective patient knows what to expect.

Myth #1: Recovery From a Mommy Makeover is Especially Painful

While limited amounts of pain are to be expected to a certain degree after any kind of major surgery, the truth is that recovery from mommy makeover surgery isn’t nearly as painful as many people tend to think. In most cases, patients don’t require major doses of pain medications and can usually feel back to normal in just a few days.

Wounds from this procedure will typically take six weeks to heal, but this is usually done without any discomfort. In addition, since this is a special procedure tailored to each patient’s individual needs, the recovery period can vary depending on what specific surgeries are included in any particular makeover.

Myth #2: Excessive Scarring is Left

Another of the most common and harmful myths about the mommy makeover procedure is that it leaves patients with a lot of visible scarring. While any kind of surgery will require some degree of incisions and therefore scaring, the amount left behind by a mommy makeover is actually quite minimal.

Our surgeons are highly trained professionals who specialize in procedures like this, and can minimize scarring through methods like smart incision placement and advanced stitching techniques. This is especially true given the fact that this procedure is an outpatient one, meaning patients are able to go home after surgery rather than staying in a hospital overnight.

Myth #3: This is an Extremely Complicated Procedure

The complexity of the mommy makeover procedure, another common myth, may vary from patient to patient depending on exactly what individual surgeries are included. However, it’s important for prospective patients to realize that this isn’t some kind of overly complicated or dangerous surgery that requires months and months of preparation.

While it’s true that this surgery may involve a combination of multiple procedures, that’s a nuance your surgeon will be primarily responsible for – you don’t have to worry about it.

At the end of the day, being properly informed and debriefed while considering any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure is a must. And with this blog series now in your arsenal, you can be sure you’re setting yourself up for success when it comes to a mommy makeover. Stay tuned for part two of this blog series, in which we’ll continue to address some of the more common myths about this procedure. In the meantime, you can learn more about mommy makeover surgery and our other services to SLC clients by contacting the offices of Steven Warnock MD today!