Unhappy with Your Shape? Get a Breast Lift in Utah

Get a Breast Lift

As a woman, you want your breasts to be full, but perky as well. As many women know, however, achieving this gets more difficult as the years go by. Dr. Steven Warnock, a top plastic surgeon in Utah, can help you attain the look you want. Dr. Warnock performs breast lifts, breast reductions and breast augmentations at his office in Salt Lake City.

Achieving the ideal breast shape can be a Catch-22. You may want large breasts, but you want to avoid sagging when at all possible. It can be hard to do, especially after childbirth or as you age. Gravity is, unfortunately, a factor in breast appearance.

What Causes Breasts to Droop

Many of our patients come to our cosmetic surgery center in Utah complaining of what they deem deflated or sagging breasts.

When a woman becomes pregnant, even if she does not breast feed, her breasts swell during and after pregnancy. Eventually the swelling recedes, and that’s when they may be left with sagging breast tissue.

Regardless of whether you have given birth, if you have lost a lot of weight, sagging breasts may also be a consequence.

If you have always been a large-breasted woman, as you age, your breasts may begin to droop due to their weight and size. Dr. Warnock can help.

Breast Lifts & Other Breast Procedures

A breast lift is the simplest solution for sagging breasts. In this procedure, the breasts are neither augmented nor reduced. Instead, incisions are made and skin is removed to tighten the tissue of the breasts, thereby lifting them to a higher position.

The size of the breasts is not greatly affected in this procedure; the result is more of change of shape and appearance.

A similar effect can be achieved with breast implants. Instead of removing skin to improve the breasts’ shape, in this procedure, breast implants are inserted to make the breasts larger and fuller, which has a lifting effect as well. Some contouring may also be necessary with this procedure.

If your breasts are very large and heavy, you may opt to get a breast reduction in order to lift them. In this procedure, Dr. Warnock removes some of your breast tissue and skin, with the result being smaller, firmer breasts that sit higher on the chest.

Life Post-Breast Lift

Our patients report that after undergoing a breast lift — or breast augmentation or breast reduction — they feel more comfortable. Their clothes fit better and they can buy different types of clothing they could not previously wear, such as halter and tube tops.

They report that their bras fit better as well, with less gapping and spillage. In fact, after recovery from breast surgery, patients can more often feel comfortable going without a bra.

Many women also report they feel more attractive and less self-conscious undressing at the gym or in front of a partner after breast surgery. The boost in self-confidence alone can make a big difference in a woman’s life.

For a consultation about getting a breast lift in Salt Lake City — or breast implants or breast reduction surgery, contact the office of the area’s preferred plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Warnock.